Home Companion Services For Seniors

Home Companion Services is now a popular term coined by the National Association of Senior Citizens as a way to define live-in, on-site senior companion care for senior adults who reside alone in their home. Companion services also include assistance with the various responsibilities which come with living alone as an elderly adult. This can include grooming, helping around the home, and similar tasks. Most all services are provided free of charge, and require no payment from the client.

While many older adults prefer to remain living in their homes, others have medical conditions which make it unsafe or inconvenient to live without assistance. In these cases home companion services are a better alternative than living in an elderly home. Some examples of such medical conditions include diabetes, heart problems, or blindness. These medical issues often require extra care and attention.

Home Companion Services differ from live-in home care because they do not provide daily personal care. Rather, the service provider is someone that the seniors live near. This person usually travels to the home on a few occasions during the week to provide this personal care. This personal care is generally much less than that required by a live-in caregiver. This is one reason that many seniors who have an elder living in their home prefer to use home companions instead of live-in caregivers.

Senior Home Companion Services offer many benefits to seniors who may need extra assistance but are not interested in receiving medical treatment. These services include medical monitoring when needed, as well as non-medical support such as cleaning, laundry and light housekeeping. These services also include assistance with everyday living tasks, such as shopping for groceries, cooking or shopping, errands, or visiting family and friends. In some instances, home companion services may include travel expenses when needed.

Senior Home Companion Services can provide the following benefits to seniors: The primary benefit of such services is the increased level of personal care that they provide. Elderly people often need extra assistance with day-to-day activities because they are no longer capable of doing so on their own. By bringing in a live-in companion to assist the senior in these tasks, they may be able to regain some independence and regain some lost confidence. These services also reduce the need for the elderly person to visit the doctor’s office for medical care. Often times, the visit is simply a substitute for having the elderly person see a doctor.

The second benefit of in home companion care services is that they may offer additional support in other areas, such as with meal preparation, housekeeping, or general housekeeping. The elderly are often home sick from various conditions, which makes it difficult for them to cook properly, cleanse properly, or get the medications they need. This can lead to contaminated food or improper medication administration. By hiring a companion to help the senior with these tasks, they can receive the care they need without the worry of their loved one becoming ill. In addition, by offering housekeeping and meal preparation services, companion care providers are able to increase the income of the senior in question. This allows the provider to pay for the services that are provided, increasing their income and helping them live independently.

I would recommend that if you are caring for a loved one who is at least 425 years old that you consider hiring a companion to help take care of them. You can find them by doing an online search. This should give you enough information for you to make an informed decision. Good luck and happy searching!