Home Companion Services For Seniors

Home Companion Services is now a popular term coined by the National Association of Senior Citizens as a way to define live-in, on-site senior companion care for senior adults who reside alone in their home. Companion services also include assistance with the various responsibilities which come with living alone as an elderly adult. This can include grooming, helping around the home, and similar tasks. Most all services are provided free of charge, and require no payment from the client.

While many older adults prefer to remain living in their homes, others have medical conditions which make it unsafe or inconvenient to live without assistance. In these cases home companion services are a better alternative than living in an elderly home. Some examples of such medical conditions include diabetes, heart problems, or blindness. These medical issues often require extra care and attention. read more

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How To Get The Most Out Of Senior Home Care Services

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How To Get The Most Out Of Senior Home Care Services

Senior home care or in home companion care provides assistance to older people who are not able to leave their houses on their own, because of injury or illness, or whose physical abilities are severely limited because of age or disease. Senior home care aides do not need to possess any special nursing training. Rather, they are trained in the basic duties of a caring home aide, such as helping residents avoid the safety hazards of unsafe environments and maintaining a home environment that is comfortable and safe for the old and frail. Although some may view home health aides as mere caregivers, there are actually many differences between this profession and that of an in home caregiver. read more